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    About Socklings


    Begins with a mom, a dream and a family: 

    Ericka started to notice a pattern with her daughter's socks. They would be on her little feet, snug as a bug, until she started wiggling and trying to crawl. The moment her feet touched the floor, carpet, or her tiny hands, her socks would instantly fly off her feet as if she had some sort of magical superpower! She tried to solve this by putting her into tights, but after a couple dirty diaper changes, Ericka realized that this was an even worse idea. With the help of friends and family, they searched through baby stores, catalogs, and every corner of the web trying to locate a thigh-high baby sock. After she braved the terrors of the internet, Ericka came to realize that she would have to put their spirit of creativity to the task, and she set out to creating a solution for parents everywhere. The result was Socklings; 100% USA made thigh-high children's socks that solves the problem for every parent that has ever struggled with children's socks. No more lost socks!



    Socklings is not just another piece of baby fashion; We are an idea. We are the belief that every parent deserves the opportunity to have their child's precious toes kept safe and warm. We are the hope that our passion for design shines brightly in our styles. We are the pride that comes from creating a purely American product. We are the love we will show our customers as they become part of our Socklings Family.


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